2018 New England Mortgage Expo Podcasts

Mike Gagle – Sales Manager, Ask a Lender

Ask a Lender is a new company borne from Scotsman Guide, and it’s a lead-generation site where lenders can get free leads by listing their profile. Mike explains that by not requiring a hoard of personal information, it’s truly “three clicks between the borrowers and the lenders.”

Rob “Stealth” Cunningham – EVP & Co-founder, XINNIX Mortgage Academy

Rob “Stealth” Cunningham is a former air force flight instructor and current mortgage savant, and he explains what loan originators need the most training on.

Meg Handy – Marketing and Customer Experience Supervisor, Embrace Home Loans

Meg speaks briefly on the importance of digital marketing for loan originators.

Robert Palumbo – Partner/VP Sales, Western Technologies Group

Robert’s company, Western Technologies Group, deals with flood maps and flood insurance. Robert makes a great case for the necessity of flood insurance for every homeowner.

Michael Kelleher – President, Loan Fuel

Michael’s business, Loan Fuel, helps expedite the loan process.

Terence Floyd – First Vice President Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Terence talks with Jim Morrison about recruiting and retaining top talent.

Ken Wood – Regional Director (Northeast), Money360

Ken discusses bridge loans and his company’s role in the CRE landscape.

Nikki Olsen – Credit Repair Specialist, National Credit Fixers

Nikki talks about the kinds of credit problems she can repair.

Regina Braga – CEO, Res/Title

Jim Paolino – CEO/Founder, Lode Star Software Solutions

Regina and Jim discuss how they work together to help homebuyers and realtors.

David Ryan – Senior Loan Officer, Velocity Mortgage Capital

David talks about the lending niche his company fills-between the banks and hard money.

Scott Kriss – President/CEO, Kriss Law

Scott talk about TRID, cybercrime vulnerabilities and shares some thoughts about 2017.

Kenneth Campbell – Senior Loan Officer, Westport Mortgage

Kenneth discusses the CMA, compliance and what he expects in 2017